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Custom license plate frames are fast becoming the rage. Auto, motorcycle and scooter frames customized with your name, logo or message are big hit promotional items and used by businesses, schools, groups, organizations and individuals. We offer both custom plastic and custom metal license plate frames.

The most popular frame customization methods include engraving, screen printing and full color process printing. Custom screen printed plates are less desirable as the imprint will wear and begin to fade in the weather. The methods used by us include Laser Engraving and Full Color Printing. Laser engraving is applied to metal frames (plated zinc alloy and anodized aluminum). Full color printing is used with our plastic frames (white, black and chrome).

Laser Engraving
Laser engraving is the method of choice for customizing metal license plate frames. Engraved plastic inserts are used for zinc alloy frames. These frames have recessed areas on top and bottom for applying the inserts. The plastic inserts are available in a variety of background and engraving colors. With this method both text and logos can be engraved. Plastic inserts are extremely durable and rated for outdoor use.

Anodized aluminum license plate frames are directly laser engraved on the surface metal. anodization is a process which produces a very durable surface layer which is typically in a color ie black, blue, red, green etc. The high energy light beam emitted from the laser removes the anodized color coating to expose the aluminum metal color underneath. Laser engraved marks on anodized aluminum shows up looking "frosty" white and ideal for reproducing text and logos in great detail. Laser engraved marks are extremely durable and won't rub or scratch off.

Full Color Process Printing
This printing method is primarily applied to plastic license plate frames. With this method multi-color designs can be reproduced. Full color images are first applied to durable outdoor rated vinyl strips. These strips are then adhered to the top and bottom recessed areas of the plate. Full color imprints are applied to either a white or clear background. Clear allows the color of the frames to show through and thus becoming the background color.


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