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The origin of the license plate dates back to 1901. During this time it was typically just the initials of the vehicle’s owner painted on the back of the car. Soon after that each vehicle was assigned a registration number. These numbers were painted by the owner on either metal, wood or rubber plates and fastened to the car. In 1903 Massachusetts became the first state to issue state-wide metal plates. Car dealerships were probably the first to issue license plate frames. These frames served as advertising tools for the dealerships displaying their name and address. The quality of most of these dealer supplied frames is low and the imprint wears off very quickly. Today there are many blank and custom license plate frame alternatives to worn and battered dealer supplied frames....all it takes is a screwdriver and a few turns here and there!

More durable and attractive blank frames can be purchased from brick and mortar auto parts stores as well as from online businesses. LicensePlateFrames.Biz is a manufacturing and graphics company specializing in the production and wholesale distribution of blank and custom license plate frames. The frame materials available include high impact plastic (typically white, black, chrome), zinc alloy (chrome, black, gold plate), stainless steel and aluminum. Blank frames are typically flat with either narrow or wide sections on top and bottom. In addition to these basic flat frames, there are also custom designs ie chain link, diamond plate, and graphics stamped into the frame and colored for visibility. Other more elaborate frames are available for example with eagles, dolphins and palm trees in 3D relief. Expect to pay $10 to $15 for a good quality metal frame and around $6 for plastic from an auto parts store or online business. Most on-line businesses offer better deals than auto stores and discounts for larger quantity orders.


The location of license plate registration stickers will determine which frame style is most suitable. More recently, states have been issuing registration stickers which are applied to the corner of the windshield. In this case any style frame should work. Even still, some states prohibit the use of any type of license plate frame. State laws change all the time so, If you’re considering adding a frame to your license plate it’s best to check the status of the current law with your town or state motor vehicle department.

Beyond the basic blank frames in plastic and metal, custom frames are fast becoming the rage. Custom frames are available in plastic, zinc alloy, stainless steel and aluminum and can be personalized with your name, logo and message. They typically come with your choice of background and text colors. They make great promotional items for businesses, schools, clubs, organizations, individuals and more. LicensePlateFrames.Biz offers a variety of blank and custom printed frames for autos and motorcycles in plastic, zinc and aluminum.



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